Bankruptcy Litigation

Bankruptcy and insolvency litigation can proceed quickly, often bringing companies to court within a few weeks. A skilled bankruptcy litigator needs to conduct a swift, thorough analysis of a client’s situation and be prepared to defend the client’s interests in a very short period of time.

The firm’s experience in this area includes:

  • Successfully litigated and settled for seven-figures an unliquidated and unsecured general creditor litigation claim in the New York Lehman Brothers bankruptcy proceeding.
  • Investigating fraud by debtors to establish that our clients’ claims should not be discharged.
  • Proving up disputed claims in Chapter 11 bankruptcies.
  • Defending allegations that creditors received preferential payments.
  • Recovering payment, through the use of essential vendor and foreign vendor orders, of suppliers’ claims against companies that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  • Representing a client to place a partnership into receivership in connection with the recovery of several million dollars in losses arising out of a hedge fund investment.
  • Representing clients seeking to recover substantial losses in connection with the Stanford International Bank receivership and liquidation.  The representation included the filing of claims on behalf of the clients and resolving any objections to those claims.
  • Representing an Illinois-based utility company in litigation against distressed bondholders seeking recovery following an $80 million bond default for an electric power facility. located outside of Chicago. At the time, this was the eighth largest municipal bond default in the history of the municipal market, according to the Bond Investors Association.