Cross-Border Litigation

Ajamie has both a local presence and a global sensibility. Our international litigation and arbitration practice synthesizes the resources and cross-border experience of our lawyers, who litigate matters in venues around the world.

We organize international discovery and document production in multiple locations and languages. Our attorneys often take the lead in coordinating parallel proceedings across multiple jurisdictions. As lead counsel, we synthesize the approach of each lawyer on the case in order to create a unified legal strategy. This method results in thorough, effective representation for our clients.

Our lawyers are fluent in a number of languages and have the resources to bring in native speakers when necessary. The firm has developed strategic alliances with law firms in the world’s major commercial and financial centers as well as those in emerging markets. We call upon this network of legal expertise to provide in-depth knowledge of each country’s customs, court systems and local regulations, offering a seamless network across multiple jurisdictions.

Ajamie’s international litigation and arbitration experience includes:

  • Winning a $429.5 million arbitration award, the largest in history, against a former PaineWebber broker, on behalf of foreign clients.The Wall Street Journal noted that the size of the award was “roughly 10 times that of the next largest award.” One of the brokers involved in the fraud was convicted and served more than six years in federal prison.
  • Negotiating and drafting a structured multimillion dollar Mexico/USA cross-border settlement
    resolving over 40 civil proceedings including federal and state court proceedings in the United States, federal and state court proceedings in Mexico, and civil arbitration proceedings before CANACO in Mexico.
  • Representing the Mexican subsidiary of a multinational corporation in the illegal arrests of the corporation’s employees in Mexico, following a dispute concerning an alleged breach of contract. The representation involved complex cross-border matters in the United States and Mexico.
  • Advising a Brazilian national in a lawsuit filed against a global insurance company. The case involved complex cross-border litigation.
  • Advising a foreign corporation on its obligations under United States law, including antitrust law, arising from transactions with United States businesses.
  • Successfully representing tens of thousands of overseas agricultural workers for injuries arising from exposure to pesticides banned in the United States. The litigation was brought in United States courts.
  • Obtaining a dismissal for want of personal jurisdiction in several actions brought against Mexican companies.
  • Obtaining the dismissal of an investor’s claims to recovery based on a default in payment of commercial paper issued by a foreign corporation.