Wrongful Termination

Employers may terminate employees for any number of reasons, including poor work performance, unexcused absence, reductions in force, reorganizations, or theft of company secrets. Ajamie’s lawyers counsel employers on ways to terminate employees without risking wrongful termination lawsuits.

On the employer side, our goal is to minimize risk exposure to our clients. To this end, our lawyers advise companies on maintaining proper documentation, giving verbal and written warnings, and advising on confidentiality and other agreements which the employee may have signed. We conduct careful research into the circumstances surrounding the dismissal to ensure that all necessary precautions were taken. We also are prepared to investigate the situation to determine whether additional employee misconduct occurred. We then determine the appropriate course of action, ranging from settlement negotiations to civil litigation.

Our lawyers can provide preventive counseling to avoid costly litigation. We also represent employees who have been wrongfully terminated, helping them achieve satisfactory settlements or recovery in litigation.