Benefits of Preventative Legal Counselling

Nov 2016

Dona Szak and Courtney Scobie recently authored the article “Benefits of Preventative Legal Counselling” for BUSINESS RESOURCE: Litigation & Alternative Dispute […]

Treasury’s Tax Move Legal?

Sep 2014 // CNBC

Tom Ajamie joined CNBC’s Closing Bell team to explain whether lawsuits would be filed against the U.S. Treasury after changes […]

Strong case against Cohen?

Jul 2013 // CNBC

CNBC reporters Amanda Drury and Scott Wapner interview Tom Ajamie about the SEC’s decision to bring an administrative proceeding against […]

FINRA Five Years Later

Aug 2012 // Texas Lawyer

By: Brenda Sapino Jeffreys At the end of July, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) turned five years old. The dispute […]

Can You Trust Wall Street?

Jul 2012 // CNBC

Is the banking system stacked against the average investor? Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Closing Bell to explain and discuss the […]

Will Rule 10b-5 Go Global?

Jun 2012 // The Advocate

In 2010, the Supreme Court’s decision in Morrison v. National Australia Bank eliminated the right of investors who purchased shares on foreign […]

The Best Buy Fallout

May 2012 // CNBC

CNBC’s Closing Bell team invited Tom Ajamie to discuss the news that Best Buy executives may have withheld information from […]

Rogue traders

Sep 2011 // BBC

The Swiss investment bank UBS has set up a special committee to investigate how $2.3 billion of losses were made […]

Find advice you can trust

Jul 2011 // Money Magazine

Money Magazine responded to its readers’ questions about how to find financial advice you can trust.  Money consulted Tom Ajamie, Ajamie […]

Goldman Sachs’ Legal Woes

Jun 2011 // CNBC

On the CNBC program The Kudlow Report, Tom Ajamie and John Carney discuss the consequences of a recent subpoena to […]

Manhattan DA Subpoenas Goldman Sachs

Jun 2011 // CNBC

Manhattan’s District Attorney has subpoenaed Goldman Sachs in connection with the company’s role in the housing market collapse.  Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s […]

Ajamie LLP Announces New Partner

May 2011

Ajamie LLP is pleased to announce that lawyer John W. Clay has become a Partner in the Firm’s Houston office. Mr. […]

5 ways to avoid financial fraud

Dec 2010 // Reuters

Allan Ehrlich, like many successful entrepreneurs, looked to friends for advice on where to invest his disposable and retirement income. […]

Madoff: Two Years Later

Dec 2010 // CNBC

Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s The Call in discussing how to protect yourself against future Madoffs and other financial serial killers.

Insider Trading Debate

Nov 2010 // CNBC

Should insider trading be legal?  Tom Ajamie joins Power Lunch’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera to discuss the abolition of insider trading laws and its […]

Is Wall Street Rigged?

Nov 2010 // CNBC

Is Wall Street is rigged against the individual investor?  Tom Ajamie joins the debate on CNBC’s The Call.

GM IPO: Taxpayers Lose?

Nov 2010 // CNBC

Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Power Lunch team to discuss the Treasury’s statements about the GM IPO.

Sniffing out the Swindlers

Aug 2010 // MSNBC

Securities lawyer Tom Ajamie joins MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan to discuss his new book Financial Serial Killers, Inside The World of […]

Investment Fraud on the Rise

Aug 2010 // MSNBC

Tom Ajamie joins MSNBC’s Morning Joe team to discuss the rise of investment fraud and his new book,Financial Serial Killers.

Oil and Water

Jun 2010 // BBC World Service

Business Daily’s Steve Evans speaks to Tom Ajamie, one of the top oil lawyers in Texas, and finds out what […]

Border Wars

Jun 2010 // The American Lawyer

After ADT executives were incarcerated in Mexico, the security company could have quietly tried to put the matter behind it. […]

Goldman Sachs

May 2010 // BBC

BBC News presenter Matt Prodger interviewed Tom Ajamie about Goldman Sachs’ dealings in derivatives and its faint disclosure of its […]

More Market Regulation

May 2010 // CNBC

After technical glitches forced the NYSE to temporarily halt trading, Tom Ajamie joined CNBC’s Power Lunch team to discuss whether […]

Can Goldman Beat the Rap?

Apr 2010 // CNBC

Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Power Lunch team to debate the strength of the SEC’s case against Goldman Sachs for nondisclosure […]

Anatomy of a “Sell” Call

Nov 2009 // CNBC

Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera to discuss analysts’ conflicts of interest and the consequences of issuing a sell recommendation […]

Bear Trader Fallout

Nov 2009 // CNBC

A jury acquits two Bear Stearns executives of charges that they mislead investors in the subprime mortgage crisis. Tom Ajamie […]

Insider Trading Reaction

Nov 2009 // CNBC

Tom Ajamie analyzes the recent wave of insider trading scandals with CNBC’s Bill Griffeth and the CNBC news team. Watch […]

Inside an Insider Trading Case

Oct 2009 // CNBC

How will new aggressive efforts by prosecutors to enforce insider trading affect hedge funds? Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Larry Kudlow […]

Defensive Medicine

Sep 2009 // CNBC

Tom Ajamie debates with CNBC’s Dennis Kneale the issues of health care reform and medical malpractice. Watch the full video […]

Madoff Sentencing Part 2

Jun 2009 // CNBC

Bernard Madoff’s sentencing begins at a federal courthouse in Manhattan. Tom Ajamie and the CNBC news team discuss Madoff’s likely […]

Madoff to be Sentenced

Jun 2009 // CNBC

Bernard Madoff will be sentenced Monday, and Tom Ajamie, a securities law attorney; Andy Serwer, of Fortune magazine; and the […]

Madoff Victims Address Judge

Jun 2009 // CNBC

Victims of Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff are addressing the judge that will sentence him. Tom Ajamie, a financial fraud attorney […]

Attack on Silicon Valley

Jun 2009 // CNBC

New tax rules and other DOJ investigations are also taking aim at Silicon Valley. Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Dennis Kneale […]

Gunning for Google

Jun 2009 // CNBC

The Justice Department now wants publishers to give them information on deals they made with Google. Tom Ajamie joins Dennis […]

CEO Chilling Effect

Jun 2009 // CNBC

Why the Mozilo case may lead to CEO’s being reluctant to voice concerns, with Ralph Ferrara, Dewey & Leboeuf, Tom […]

Wall Street Under Pressure

Jun 2009 // CNBC

Wall Street is under pressure from the FDIC and the SEC. Thomas Ajamie, financial fraud attorney discusses whether regulators should […]

Intel Under Fire

May 2009 // CNBC

The European Commission has fined Intel a record $1.45 billion. Thomas Ajamie, a financial fraud attorney, and the CNBC news […]

Uptick Rule Revival?

Mar 2009 // CNBC

Reinstating the SEC’s uptick rule for short selling is the topic of discussion on CNBC’s The Call. Tom Ajamie joins […]

Abolish the SEC?

Dec 2008 // CNBC

Abolish the SEC? Accusations of fraud against hedge fund manager Bernie Madoff have reignited debate over the SEC’s role and […]

Next Step: Subpoena Time

Oct 2008 // CNBC

Former Lehman CEO Dick Fuld and other executives are subpoenaed by federal prosecutors. Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Charlie Gasparino and […]

Ajamie LLP Announces New Partner

Feb 2007

HOUSTON, TX (February 23, 2007) Ajamie LLP is pleased to announce that lawyer Dona Szak (’84) has become a Partner […]

Getting Grandma’s Nest Egg Back

Apr 2006

Tom Ajamie co-authored this informative article exploring asset recovery for senior victims of financial fraud. Included by ATLA in its […]

Ajamie Wins in Texas Supreme Court

Apr 2004

Ajamie prevailed in the Texas Supreme Court when the Court declined to grant an emergency mandamus petition filed by the […]