Force Majeure in a Pandemic

Many written contracts include a force majeure clause – a provision excusing non-performance of the contract due to a significant […]

Benefits of Preventative Legal Counselling

Dona Szak and Courtney Scobie recently authored the article “Benefits of Preventative Legal Counselling” for BUSINESS RESOURCE: Litigation & Alternative Dispute […]

Legal Eagle

ASU Magazine profiled alumnus Tom Ajamie in its May 2015 issue.

Ajamie LLP Recognized by Houston Grand Opera

Houston Grand Opera has recognized Ajamie LLP’s support as a corporate partner for HGO’s 2014-2015 season. HGO’s Institutional Spotlight on the firm appears in its […]

Treasury’s Tax Move Legal?

Tom Ajamie joined CNBC’s Closing Bell team to explain whether lawsuits would be filed against the U.S. Treasury after changes […]

Financial Serial Killers

Tom Ajamie joined FraudTalk’s Chris Marquet to discuss investment fraud and the paperback release of his book Financial Serial Killers. Listen […]

Strong case against Cohen?

CNBC reporters Amanda Drury and Scott Wapner interview Tom Ajamie about the SEC’s decision to bring an administrative proceeding against […]

FINRA Five Years Later

By: Brenda Sapino Jeffreys At the end of July, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) turned five years old. The dispute […]

Can You Trust Wall Street?

Is the banking system stacked against the average investor? Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Closing Bell to explain and discuss the […]

Ohio Passes Fracking Legislation

Ohio recently passed fracking legislation that will go into effect in September 2012. Ohio is home to both the Marcellus […]

Will Rule 10b-5 Go Global?

In 2010, the Supreme Court’s decision in Morrison v. National Australia Bank eliminated the right of investors who purchased shares on foreign […]

The Best Buy Fallout

CNBC’s Closing Bell team invited Tom Ajamie to discuss the news that Best Buy executives may have withheld information from […]

Mets owners settle Madoff suit

Kai Ryssdal: Whatever other problems they’re going to have this year — say on the field come Opening Day in […]

SIPC Fights SEC’s Stanford Suit

The SEC has demanded that SIPC, the federally-mandated nonprofit that protects investors harmed by failed broker-dealers, start a claims process […]

Raj Rajaratnam Sentencing

Tom Ajamie joins legal experts on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street to analyze what clearly defines insider trading.

Rogue traders

The Swiss investment bank UBS has set up a special committee to investigate how $2.3 billion of losses were made […]

Find advice you can trust

Money Magazine responded to its readers’ questions about how to find financial advice you can trust.  Money consulted Tom Ajamie, Ajamie […]

Goldman Sachs’ Legal Woes

On the CNBC program The Kudlow Report, Tom Ajamie and John Carney discuss the consequences of a recent subpoena to […]

Manhattan DA Subpoenas Goldman Sachs

Manhattan’s District Attorney has subpoenaed Goldman Sachs in connection with the company’s role in the housing market collapse.  Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s […]

5 ways to avoid financial fraud

Allan Ehrlich, like many successful entrepreneurs, looked to friends for advice on where to invest his disposable and retirement income. […]

Madoff: Two Years Later

Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s The Call in discussing how to protect yourself against future Madoffs and other financial serial killers.

Insider Trading Debate

Should insider trading be legal?  Tom Ajamie joins Power Lunch’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera to discuss the abolition of insider trading laws and its […]

Is Wall Street Rigged?

Is Wall Street is rigged against the individual investor?  Tom Ajamie joins the debate on CNBC’s The Call.

GM IPO: Taxpayers Lose?

Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Power Lunch team to discuss the Treasury’s statements about the GM IPO.

Sniffing out the Swindlers

Securities lawyer Tom Ajamie joins MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan to discuss his new book Financial Serial Killers, Inside The World of […]

Investment Fraud on the Rise

Tom Ajamie joins MSNBC’s Morning Joe team to discuss the rise of investment fraud and his new book,Financial Serial Killers.

Oil and Water

Business Daily’s Steve Evans speaks to Tom Ajamie, one of the top oil lawyers in Texas, and finds out what […]

Border Wars

After ADT executives were incarcerated in Mexico, the security company could have quietly tried to put the matter behind it. […]

Goldman Sachs

BBC News presenter Matt Prodger interviewed Tom Ajamie about Goldman Sachs’ dealings in derivatives and its faint disclosure of its […]

More Market Regulation

After technical glitches forced the NYSE to temporarily halt trading, Tom Ajamie joined CNBC’s Power Lunch team to discuss whether […]

Goldman Chief Could Be Out

How the ongoing Goldman Sachs drama plays out after the revelation of a federal investigation is anybody’s guess. But here’s […]

A D.C. Insider Joins the Team

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. gears up to defend itself from civil charges of defrauding investors. At the same time, the […]

Can Goldman Beat the Rap?

Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Power Lunch team to debate the strength of the SEC’s case against Goldman Sachs for nondisclosure […]

Limelight Update: Thomas Ajamie

Lawdragon interviews Tom Ajamie about Ajamie LLP’s $112 million jury verdict, as well as other developments in the firm’s practice. […]

Top Verdicts of 2009

Ajamie LLP’s $112-million RICO verdict for ADT Security Services ranks number 16 among the nation’s top verdicts of 2009 as […]

Thinking Like a Plaintiff

Tom Ajamie was a guest speaker at Counsel’s 7th Annual General Counsel West Coast Conference at the Fairmont in San […]

Anatomy of a “Sell” Call

Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera to discuss analysts’ conflicts of interest and the consequences of issuing a sell recommendation […]

Bear Trader Fallout

A jury acquits two Bear Stearns executives of charges that they mislead investors in the subprime mortgage crisis. Tom Ajamie […]

Insider Trading Reaction

Tom Ajamie analyzes the recent wave of insider trading scandals with CNBC’s Bill Griffeth and the CNBC news team. Watch […]

Inside an Insider Trading Case

How will new aggressive efforts by prosecutors to enforce insider trading affect hedge funds? Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Larry Kudlow […]

Defensive Medicine

Tom Ajamie debates with CNBC’s Dennis Kneale the issues of health care reform and medical malpractice. Watch the full video […]

Madoff Sentencing Part 2

Bernard Madoff’s sentencing begins at a federal courthouse in Manhattan. Tom Ajamie and the CNBC news team discuss Madoff’s likely […]

Madoff to be Sentenced

Bernard Madoff will be sentenced Monday, and Tom Ajamie, a securities law attorney; Andy Serwer, of Fortune magazine; and the […]

Madoff Victims Address Judge

Victims of Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff are addressing the judge that will sentence him. Tom Ajamie, a financial fraud attorney […]

A Star Turn for AIG?

A court battle over $4.3 billion has begun in New York – and it could lift the lid on what was […]

Attack on Silicon Valley

New tax rules and other DOJ investigations are also taking aim at Silicon Valley. Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Dennis Kneale […]

Gunning for Google

The Justice Department now wants publishers to give them information on deals they made with Google. Tom Ajamie joins Dennis […]

CEO Chilling Effect

Why the Mozilo case may lead to CEO’s being reluctant to voice concerns, with Ralph Ferrara, Dewey & Leboeuf, Tom […]

Wall Street Under Pressure

Wall Street is under pressure from the FDIC and the SEC. Thomas Ajamie, financial fraud attorney discusses whether regulators should […]

General Motors Bankruptcy Watch

Carl Horowitz, of the National Legal & Policy Center, and Tom Ajamie, a financial lawyer, discuss the fate of General […]

Intel Under Fire

The European Commission has fined Intel a record $1.45 billion. Thomas Ajamie, a financial fraud attorney, and the CNBC news […]

Lawyer Limelight: Thomas Ajamie

The Houston litigator was handling complex fraud cases back in the 1990s. Now he’s representing investors caught up the Madoff […]

Uptick Rule Revival?

Reinstating the SEC’s uptick rule for short selling is the topic of discussion on CNBC’s The Call. Tom Ajamie joins […]

Stanford: Where Was the SEC?

Regulators had been looking at Stanford’s firm and its suspiciously high yielding certificates of deposit on and off for the […]

Stanford Fraud Hurts Confidence

TEXT OF STORY Steve Chiotakis: First there was Bernie Madoff and his alleged $50 billion Ponzi scheme. Now, flamboyant businessman […]

Texas Bank Fraud

In the wake of Bernard Madoff, another financial scandal has hit investors. The most recent high-profile case is that of […]

Abolish the SEC?

Abolish the SEC? Accusations of fraud against hedge fund manager Bernie Madoff have reignited debate over the SEC’s role and […]

Next Step: Subpoena Time

Former Lehman CEO Dick Fuld and other executives are subpoenaed by federal prosecutors. Tom Ajamie joins CNBC’s Charlie Gasparino and […]

UBS Joins the Buy-Back Brigade

In the midst of U.S. regulatory claims, UBS agreed to buy back $19 billion worth of auction-rate securities and pay […]

Getting Grandma’s Nest Egg Back

Tom Ajamie co-authored this informative article exploring asset recovery for senior victims of financial fraud. Included by ATLA in its […]