Stronger laws needed to fight white collar crime

Jan 2019 // Arizona Capitol Times

For my entire legal career I have fought the financial hucksters, swindlers and Madoffs of the world. They are the people who feel no shame and no guilt taking money from the innocent, whether they are seniors and retirees, moms and even hard-working business people.

My work has again brought me to Arizona because of how lax the state’s laws are to prevent and prosecute fraudulent schemes and white collar crimes. These schemes and crimes can be particularly pervasive and damaging around the holidays. Currently, I am working in the Valley on behalf of victims hustled by one David Harbour, a purported financial adviser and a member of the Phoenix Thunderbirds and ASU Sun Devil Club. Like them all, he ingratiates himself by pretending to manage money and faking success by living large. But beneath his phony glamour is a man who spends other people’s savings on himself, hoping he never gets caught. These guys often do but only after it’s too late, once the savings from hard work and a life’s efforts have been wasted away and lost forever.

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